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    Floor Sanding and Varnishing.
    Methods applied by Painters and decorators at Painting In Dublin.

    There are a number of finishes that can be applied on wooden floors such as Painting, Varnishing, Waxing… we will explore the Varnishing of wooden floors in detail as done by Professional Painters and Decorators at Painting In Dublin.

    Say you have an old wooden floor that has seen brighter days and you would like it to look a little bit younger than it does… so you decide to sand it down and give it a face lift. If you’re not a professional Painter and Decorator and do not sand and varnish floors on a regular basis then you may find this article useful as we explore the different stages that Professional Painters and Decorators undertake when sanding and varnishing the wooden floors.

    Inspecting the floor.

    First thing Painters and Decorators do when asked to sand and varnish a wooden floor is inspect the floor in a bid to spot any problems that may affect the outcome of the job like oil stains and other problems like recent floor repairs which could become problematic when newer wood planks are used to repair the floor. The above two would not allow the floor to be varnished in a clear varnish which is ideal for floors because of the tear and wear of the new floor which will be more noticeable with a stained varnish finish. The job would be even trickier if a bad repair job was done on it and the owner does not even know about it because the floor may be covered with carpet… therefore it is very important to inspect and detect any such problems before planning to get the floors sanded and more...


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