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    Home Painting. Choosing Colours for your Painting and Decorating Job.

  • If you have ever painted your home before then you know that the first thing a Painter and Decorator does is decide on a colour scheme for the Painting and Decorating job at hand. Even if you have done it before, choosing the right colours for your house can be tricky. Firstly because colours and finishes are affected by light and secondly because it can be tricky to choose a colour scheme just right so that it reflects the right image of your house and at the same time it feels right and cosy.

    When painting your home, choosing the colours for your walls is quite different to choosing colours for your office for example, or shop… A Home has to feel homely so you can’t have the same Wall colours as a commercial building. While the business premises tend to go for more vibrant and neutral colours so to contribute to a vibrant and productive work environment, Home painting and decorating is more inclined towards subtle colours to induce calmness and wellbeing feeling that any home owner wants.
    There are a variety of Painting and Paint products available on the market with the leading brands having a preselected catalogue of colours and themes that have been designed by Interior Designers to suit every home or office that may need Painting. If however, you require something unique to your home and want to be original with your Paint colour Scheme then you’ll have to the hard job yourself or indeed ask a professional Painter and Decorator for help. Painters and Decorators see houses being painted and Decorated on a daily basis, so they can tell from experience a lot of different things that a non-professional would not normally know. For example because Painters and Decorators see all choices made by their customers they can successfully advise what colours to avoid in what cases…

    There is a variety of thing to be considered when choosing colours for painting, as mentioned above, light, for example plays a crucial role when making a decision on Paint. If a room in your house is poorly lit and there are no windows then it is rather imperative you use a light colour in that room. Dark colours make the rooms feel smaller then they actually are and white for example will make the same room feel bigger and cleaner. It is small but very significant things like these that make talking to a professional Painter and Decorator before making a decision on your paint colours so important.

    Another example would be if you have imperfect walls or ceilings and you do not want to spend the money to re-plaster. This is when the finish of the paint comes in play rather than the colour. A matt finish usually hides imperfections on the plastered surfaces and especially white on rough ceilings is very efficient. Of course the alternative is to call a professional Painter and Decorator to do the job and he will smoothen the surface and have it patched up so it looks much better and the second option is the one we would always recommend to anyone asking for advice.

    Paint colours and colour schemes can make you feel differently depending on your choice. Light colours are usually uplifting that being said it is very important to avoid bright colours! Yes, Bright and Light are 2 very distinct and different words. Bright colours are fantastic in an office for example or a school but in your home they can become very tiring after a while, most people want to come home and unwind in a nice soothing environment. Obviously every room in your house is different and it has its own purpose but it is recommended that they have a connection throughout the house and what I mean by that is not to have different shades of the same colour in each room but rather colours chosen from the same shade or collection. It is nice when there is a flow of tones from one room to the next and the whole house feels as one unit rather than a collection of rooms…

    Any Painter and Decorator would tell you now days that off whites are a safe bet for your house, they are very trendy at the minute reason being their flexibility to combine with virtually any furniture you may have or intend to buy in your home. Their lack in colour is their gain in usability, subtlety is key though.
    Another very important aspect of colour selection for your home is warmth. If you have blue and purple colours in your home throughout, then you won’t escape feeling a bit cold even with the heating on. That is the illusion that colours like blue and Purple create. In contrast the yellowy and red colours will give the impression of warmth, and there for are rather popular in Irish homes giving our lack of sun… Magnolia for example is the most popular colour in Ireland and UK… It is widely available in any Paint shop in Ireland and made by any paint brand. And it is all down to its yellowy shade that warms the places up and lifts them up due to its light tone. However, because it is so popular it often isn’t the choice for more ambitious home owners who consider it to be too common.

    So there you have it. If you decided to paint your house and are choosing paint colours for your walls, you should take into account the lighting, the colour continuity throughout the house, the paint finish and the light tones and you should definitely talk to a Painter and Decorator and get some advice, it always helps.

    Painting In Dublin Team

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